tag sale - barkhamsted mall - treasure hill

Our beliefs are the five R’s: Refuse (Don’t buy or accept an item for free  if you don’t need it. ); Reduce (Purchase in bulk or quantity  to save on packaging.); Reuse (Don’t use single use containers); Repurpose (Take something and make something else out of it); Recycle (state law- make sure you separate your recyclables from your trash.)  We all receive gifts or hand me downs from others that just don’t have a purpose for anymore.  Instead of throwing them away, consider asking the tag sale attendant if they would like the items for resale.   There are two tag sale areas on site.  One on the main level for smaller household items and a larger outdoor section on the upper level.  Items are donated from residents and sold to other residents. 

There are two tag sale areas on site, nicknamed “Barkhamsted Mall”, “Treasure Hill.”   Ask the tag sale attendant before you leave anything as not all items are accepted.