DAY PASS available to all residents of Barkamsted, New Hartford and Winsted/Winchester for $20 plus the cost of the disposal.   Proof of residency required.    Available during regular daytime hours ONLY at the gatehouse, not Wednesday evening.   No day passes sold after 2:45.  Scale closes at 3:00.  Anyone clocking out on the scale after 3:00 closing will be assessed a late fee of $25 per each 15 minutes after 3:00, this is because we have to pay our staff over time past 3:00! Please come early to avoid paying late exit fees. 

Or you may purchase an annual fiscal year or half year sticker – residency required – see below.    


All vehicles MUST have a current fiscal year sticker affixed to their vehicle by July 1. No exceptions! (Day pass available- $20- plus the price of debris).

Stickers will go on sale Monday, May 16 and are immediately good!  All current dark stickers expire on June 30.  You will not be able to gain access to the facility until you purchase a new sticker. The new lime green stickers will expire at the end of the fiscal year – June 30, 2023. Stickers are available at the gatehouse during regular daytime hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 7:00 am -3:00 pm).  Cash or check ONLY, no credit or debit cards accepted.    

FEE: Annual (single household) $140 ; Half Year (single household) $90; Contractor $205


1.) Fiscal Year 22/23 stickers are required to enter the facility or purchase a $20 day pass. 

2.) Park your vehicle just past the gatehouse, grab your DMV registration showing  your local address, CASH or CHECK (NO debit cards) and approach the gatehouse.  If your DMV paperwork does NOT have your current address- YOU WILL need to show something with YOUR local address. 


1.) Must live within Barkhamsted, New Hartford or Winsted/ Winchester

2.) Must show DMV form and local address if it is not on the DMV form.  

3.) Sticker MUST be affixed to the windshield – lower driver’s side upon sale and must stay on that vehicle.  (Where your old DMV registration was placed.) NO STICKER CROPPING PERMITTED! 

4.) Stickers are for single family households.   

5.) Landlords must purchase a CONTRACTOR sticker if they are cleaning out various households, not just their family residence.  Tenants will need to purchase their own “full” sticker, but they can ask for a receipt to be reimbursed from their landlord.   

6.) Households may purchase a second vehicle sticker for $10 after purchasing the first, same address, same apartment.

7.) Vehicle MUST be on site.

8.) Selling vehicles or replacing windshield – bring the current sticker in for a replacement.

9.) All debris coming into RRDD1 MUST be from your home.  If it’s not from your home, you need a contractor sticker and the items cannot be from towns outside the District!   

10.) Be courteous to our staff.  They are in place to assist the residents with questions and help run the facility smoothly. RRDD1 MUST follow the guidelines in our DEEP permit.   If an employee speaks to you regarding your debris, they are following the direction we have to follow. 

11.) Trash compactors on the main level are for your kitchen daily food waste.  The disposal of these items is free to those with stickers. You paid for it.  (Annual sticker – about $2.69 per week)

12.) Items not from your kitchen food waste go up top to the scale for proper disposal.  Fees applicable for most of these items.  Metal is free unless it has Freon.  Leaves are free. 

13.) NO CHEMICALS OF ANY NATURE ACCEPTED!  Do not attempt to dispose of any chemicals on site. Cameras are in place for a reason.  You WILL receive a letter and a fine. 

14.) Each household sticker is for YOUR household.  If you are taking trash from another household YOU WILL BE REQUIRED to purchase a CONTRACTOR sticker.  Be fair.  Do not abuse the system.  If you are caught you may lose you dumping privilege.

Household Hazardous Waste Day is currently being scheduled, off site. Save your chemicals for this day or give them away to someone that can use them. 

FAILURE to obey the rules may lead to suspending your dumping privileges, with no refunds.