General Information

Holiday Questions and Answers that come up every year: What do I do with…? Wrapping paper goes in regular trash as it is coated making it not recyclable. Christmas lights go in with electronics – in the box labeled ‘OTHER’ and they will be recycled, large Styrofoam goes to the upper level (scale area)  for disposal while smaller pieces can go in the trash. Corrugated Cardboard boxes go in the cardboard compactor while small boxboard should be broken down and should go in with your recycling. No recyclables in household trash.  ALL construction debris, carpeting, large plastic bags and tarps go up on the hill for proper disposal. Trash compactor on the main level is for your kitchen trach can only ONLY trash.  All other debris goes on the hill. 

Usage: Residents MUST live in Barkhamsted, New Hartford or WInsted/ Winchester. All incoming debris and recycling MUST be generated from the towns listed above.

How do I dispose of my everyday trash? The choice is yours, either hire a private hauler to pick up your household trash curbside or purchase a sticker from the gatehouse at RRDD1 and deliver your trash to the facility during open hours.  NOTE: All black  (1/2 year) stickers run out on December 31.  You WILL need to update to the second half of the year sticker before entrance on January 4.  Cost of second 1/2 year sticker is $60 and it is good until June 30, 2023. 

Regular Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 7:00 AM -3:00  PM  CLOSED DECEMBER 24 at noon, CLOSED MONDAY, December 27 to observe Christmas.    CLOSED January 31 at noon. CLOSED Monday, January 2 to observe New Years Day.

Evening Hours: Wednesday 4:00 PM -7:00 PM with limited access. Upper lot is closed. Residents MUST have a sticker to dispose of household kitchen trash. No sticker required for residents to dispose of single stream recycling or electronics.

Closed : Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Closed Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Christmas.  Closing at noon on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. 

Special note: RRDD1 reserves the right to close at anytime due to the safety of the employees and residents.

Construction and Demolition / Oversized Municipal Solid Waste (carpets, furniture , non generated kitchen food waste): Accepted in the upper lot, during regular hours of operation, for an additional fee. Debris MUST be separated!  Scale closes promptly at 3:00.  Any vehicle not scaled out by 3:00 will incur at $25 additional charge per every 15 minutes. All debris MUST be from the District.   Wrapping paper goes in trash not recycling due to the coating on the packages.       

DEEP Operating Permit #00501146-MTSGP requires the following items be recycled: 

Cardboard / Boxboard: Please remove all styrofoam and plastic prior to disposal.  These are deposited as you enter the facility, on the right side of the red “tag sale’ building. 

Glass, Metal Cans, Plastics #1-7, Food/Beverage Containers,: Please RINSE these containers and remove the lids/covers.  (No food remnants!)  These are deposited on site, straight ahead upon entrance. No styrofoam, no black plastic, no plastic bags, or wrapping paper.  NO books!

Newspaper, Office Paper, Junk Mail, Magazines, Catalogs: These are deposited in  the containers straight ahead upon entrance to the facility, single stream, along with washed glass, can, and plastic food containers. 

RRDD1 also accepts the following items for recycle:

Batteries (Automotive and Dry cell): Please place in the battery section, lower level, opposite the household trash compactor, labeled “Batteries”.  No charge.

Books (Hard and soft cover): Unfortunately the book collection agency has closed.  RRDD1 is looking for a new vendor.  In the meantime, see the tag sale attendant.  She may accept your books in the tag sale building, if not, they need to go up on the hill in MSW, which will cost.   

Brush: Accepted during regular hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, upper level. FEE

Clean fill:   RRDD1 Policy: Clean fill is brick, concrete, dirt, broken stone and cement.  It is not asphalt. RRDD1 accepts small amounts of clean fill as a courtesy to our residents, like broken clay planter pots, small bricks, old bags of cement, etc.  NO asphalt! Limit: One ton per resident sticker per month.  

Clothes/Shoes (including accessories): Please ensure these items are placed in bags for proper transfer and deposit in the chute to the left of the “tag sale” building in the lower level. No charge.

Electronics: Please cut the cords and place the cords in the wire box left of the red “tag sale” building.  Place electronics in the lean-to across from the household trash compactor in the lower level. Small televisions (under 15″) are included in this.  Larger televisions MUST be delivered to the upper level for proper disposal.  No charge.  

Fluorescent Tubes:  Broken items are NOT accepted!  Please see the “tag sale” or “yard” attendant for proper placement. No charge.  

Leaves: Accepted ONLY during regular business hours! Leaves MUST be loose or in PAPER bags- NO plastic bags. please!  These are to be deposited in the upper level, to the right going up the hill.  See the inspector for details.  No charge

Mattress Box Spring: Must be loose, not covered in plastic or in a box.  Due to the recently passed stewardship program, RRDD1 accepts these items, in the upper level, during regular daytime hours, at “no charge*” to the resident.   *If the item is heavily soiled (above normal), very wet, moldy, cut or torn apart, animal smell / infested, etc. RRDD1 is forced to charge a $20 disposal fee.  (Recycling center will reject these and RRDD1 is charged the $20 fee on the tipping floor.)  

Metal: Fee for items containing Freon (refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.), otherwise no charge.  Smaller metal items may be deposited in the lower level, larger items must be delivered to the upper lot.  See the inspector on site for items containing freon. Please note that if the Freon is removed prior, the resident MUST show proof that it was extracted by a certified Freon extractor, otherwise RRDD1 cannot accept the item(s). 

Paint: Latex and Oil only.  Please see the attendant in the lower level for proper placement.  No charge.  Note: Spray cans containing paint MUST be held until Household Hazardous Waste Collection day.  Empty spray cans can go in small metal.  

Pallets: Accepted during regular operating hours, not Wed nights, in the upper level.  Fee 

Propane Tanks: Twenty pound (20#) tanks may be deposited in the lower level, at no charge, placed in the lean-to across from the household trash compactor.  Larger tanks must be taken to the upper lot during regular daytime hours, there will be a charge.  Tanks smaller than 20# ARE NOT accepted because our vendor has chosen not to accept them.   RRDD1 continues to search out firms that will accept these smaller units.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  (Note: MOST transfer stations will not accept propane tanks!)

NO PROPANE TANK is to go in any dumpster, regardless of size or content!  This is a FIRE HAZARD! PLEASE SEE YARD INSPECTOR!  THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR 20# tanks

Shredded Paper and gift wrap go into household trash!  Please DO NOT place bags of shredded paper in single stream.  Yes, it is paper, however, in the recycling process the bags open and the air is full of a “snow storm” like moment, plus the shredded paper sticks to other products, contaminating them.  Another idea is to save it for shipping items or to put under items in a gift basket. 

Spent Antifreeze:   See yard inspector

Tires on or off the rim: There is a fee to dispose of these items, please see the inspector in the upper lot during regular daytime work hours. Tire tubes: Place these items in the hopper across from the household trash compactor in the lower lot. No charge. 

Used Motor Oil:On March 16, 2016, the oil collection area reopened after the PCB contamination in April of 2015.  New very strict policy and procedures are in place in an effort to ensure that contamination never happens again! Please stop at the gatehouse and request a “used motor oil form.”  This needs to be filled out by YOU and handed to the yard inspector, then you may take your oil, with the inspector, to the oil room for proper disposal.  The oil must be free of water or other materials.   We will not accept anything but used motor oil!  No transmission oil, no gas, no hydraulic oil, no diesel, no industrial or commercial liquids of any nature. 

Wood: Accepted during regular hours only in the upper level, fee applies.


The transfer station is located in Barkhamsted, off Route 44, behind the Barkhamsted Public Works Garage (31 New Hartford Road)n