"Bulky Waste" name has been changed to "Construction & Demolition / Oversized MSW" This area is on top of the hill, away from the general day to day household trash and recyclables section. Because of the growing shortage of landfill space, fees for dumping in this area will continue to rise and greater separation is imperative. Please see the inspectors and follow their instructions carefully.

Fees are charges for items such as shingles, sheetrock, window glass, construction and demolition materials, fiberglass insulation, oversized furniture, rugs and similar material, and appliances with Freon*. There are no fees assessed for metal without Freon, cardboard, mattress/box springs ( in good condition without bed bugs, mold, animal waste, etc. Otherwise $20 each) and other recyclable materials. Separate these materials to save yourself and the District money. Current disposal rates vary. *Policy: RRDD1 WILL NOT accept a Freon appliance with the refrigerant missing unless the resident / contractor can show proof that the CFC was properly removed by a certified technician. Freon can be harmful and even deadly. Don't try to remove it yourself.

SCRAP METAL (no Freon): The District has an extensive separation program for scrap metal because all of it is recyclable. There are hoppers on either side of the garbage compactors (lower level) for small household items. Aluminum, copper, brass, lead and other valuable metals are separated, also electrical wire, cast iron and heavier steel. Please see the attendant for proper placement. There is a charge for appliances that have Freon. Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers $20, Refrigerators, Freezers and Water Coolers, etc. $15

BRUSH, CLEAN WOOD: Brush and clean wood are separated and accumulated for grinding. The disposal of wood waste is costly to the District and therefore a fee is charged. If at all possible, we ask you to pile this material on your own land. It will biodegrade, with no harm to the environment and provide shelter for wildlife in the meantime. Clean wood means NO paint, stain, oil or other contaminants. No large stumps accepted (over 6" in diameter tree).

CLEAN FILL (minimal): If you have a SMALL project on your property, or a partial broken not glazed ceramic pot or cracked sidewalk, we will accept these small amounts of clean fill. We will not accept large amount, over 1000#. Items such as concrete rubble, brick, stone, dirt, sand, and ceramic pots should be separated. See the inspector for placement. Fee: $10 / ton for disposal. TIRES Due to market pricing, RRDD1 is forced to raise its rates for tire disposal. Passenger and light truck tires off rim are now $5.00 each. An additional $4.00 fee is charged for each light tire on the rim. Our scale will be used with quantity at the rate of $275 per ton. RRDD1 does not accept large truck or farm tires on rims.