Recycling is mandatory in Connecticut, it’s the law: Pursuant to CT General Statutes sec. 22a-220(f), 22a-229 and 22a-241b. Failure to recycle may be subject to fines and potential civil enforcement action.


  1. REFUSE to buy it if you don’t need it. 
  2. REDUCE what you buy or purchase                  in quantity limiting excess packaging
  3. REUSE instead of purchasing    single use
  4.  RE-PURPOSE old into something new 
  5. RECYCLE bottles, cans, cardboard, newspapers, plastic containers, etc.  
  6. DO NOT recycle used paper towels, tissues or used face masks! Throw these in the trash!

All food MUST be rinsed out of bottles, cans, cartons and plastics.

Glass Recycling

        Plastic          Recycling

Paper Recycling

Single stream glass recycling includes glass containers from food and beverage items that have been rinsed free of food and beverage particles.Place glass items such as coffee cups, drinking glasses and dishes in the trash.

Single stream  plastic recycling includes plastic #1-#7 food, beverage and soap containers that have been rinsed free of food and beverage particles.    Place items that held chemicals, dry or liquid, including oil, in regular household trash. Plastic ware, straws and fast food beverage containers are not recyclable. 

Single stream paper recycling include whole sheets of office paper (white and colored), full newspaper pages, magazines and junk mail, plus paper towel and toilet paper rolls. If these items are cut up or soiled -throw them in the trash. Cardboard and boxboard is collected in the cardboard collection units. Do not recycle used paper towels, used napkins, used tissues, or used face masks.

Disposable paper products are not recyclable.  Please place paper towels, tissues, paper plates, paper straws, fast food beverage cups (hot and cold) and soiled pizza boxes in household trash. None of these items are recyclable.  Also shredded paper goes in the trash!

Other non-single stream items recycled at RRDD1 include the following:

American Flags are collected and held for proper retiring ceremonies held by local organizations, such as the scouts, VFW and Elks
Tires: On the rim or off the rim but sorry no large truck or equipment tires on the rim.
Electronics: Batteries, Appliances (sm) Computers, Telephones (cell & home), Televisions. Large appliances are accepted in the C&D area.
Wire: Wire container is for heavier wire such as Romex, with thinner wire , such as Christmas lights in the electronics bin.
Household latex and oil paint is accepted in the paint building. We do not accept spray cans with paint.
Your old eyeglasses are collected on site and donated to the area Lions Club for recycling to thjose in need.

Leaves deposited by residents and moved by staff into wind rows, being flipped often.

Making compost from the collected leaves.

Brush and  Logs

Grinding brush and Logs into top soil

RRDD1 has two tag sale areas on site.  The main level houses the “small” or household items whereas the upper lot (Construction and Demolition) houses larger items such as old doors and windows, wooden furniture and other larger items that are not ready to be disposed of.  It’s our way of recycling! 

Special Note: Many items have “recycling numbers” on the bottom of them.  This does NOT mean they are recyclable at RRDD1.  Each state is different in what they can accept.  Many products are made in other states or countries and you simply cannot trust the marking on the bottom. For instance ALL Styrofoam goes into the trash, it is not recyclable.  ALL shredded paper also goes in the trash.  Also not recyclable. Not sure – ask!