sticker season 2023-3024 will begin on monday, may 15. good news, no increase in dtickers this year available at the gatehouse during daytime regular hours. cash or check only no bank or debit cards.

regional refuse disposal district #1


Food waste goes in the trash compactors!  Rinsed glass, plastic and metal food containers go in recycling. No food in single stream recycling!  All styrofoam goes in the trash!


As a resident of Barkhamsted, New Hartford or Winsted/Winchester, the choice is YOURS to make in how you handle your weekly kitchen  trash and recyclables. You can hire a private contractor to pick up your debris and recyclables or if you prefer, you can save money and transport your kitchen trash and single stream recyclables to RRDD1 for ONE low sticker price. Stickers (membership) are available May 16 at the entrance gatehouse during regular daytime hours, 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Gatehouse will be open the following Wednesday nights from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM for sticker sales: 6/22 & 6/29, plus 7/6 &  7/13.   New 22/23 stickers are required by July 1, 2022. No exceptions.

Main Level

Straight ahead from the gatehouse takes you to the main level trash compactors (for everyday kitchen food waste), followed by single stream recycling and around the corner residents can drop off their electronics, paint, light bulbs, small metal and used motor oil for recycling.

C&D / Oversized MSW
(up the hill)

Left at the gatehouse takes you up the hill to the scale area, where your vehicle containing your construction & demolition debris, oversized municipal solid waste (kids toys, furniture and rugs), or yard trimmings is weighed in and out.