Effective July 24,2020 Travel advisory is in effect for residents and visitors coming from a state with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents, or higher than a 10% test positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average.     If you are under self quarantine, be respectful and DO NOT enter the gates of RRDD1 until your quarantine is over or until you have tested negative for COVID-19.  

 Just like every other business, RRDD1 has had to change the way in which we operate on a daily basis to comply with Governor Lamont’s Executive Orders.

The following new procedures are in place to protect everyone:

Hours of Operation: No change.  

FACE MASKS: Directive from the Governor, face masks are to be worn in public when social distancing cannot be fully observed. True, RRDD1 is an outside facility, however, there are times when certain areas are very busy and social distancing may be questionable. Be safe, wear a mask! Face masks ARE REQUIRED to purchase a sticker and when inside or outside the tag sale areas!    

Sanitized areas: Due to specifics in work small work spaces, such as equipment, trucks and small buildings, employees have been working diligently to keep the areas sanitized with only one employee servicing that area for the day. During breaks some areas may be temporarily closed, with notes hung on the doors to pull over and be patient as we will soon be back.

Closed areas: The office and all other indoor areas, including bathrooms, have been closed to the public in an effort to keep areas sanitized.

Gatehouse: Interior has just been repainted completely with two hanging plastic shower curtains to allow extra personnel during the seasonal ticket sales. Once again, we ask residents to be patient and observe social distancing guidelines when purchasing your sticker. Face masks are required to purchase a sticker! Refer to the “Sticker” drop down under the “Information” tab.

Tag Sale: During the “COVID-19 shutdown” of the tag sale primary building, all 200+ shelves have been emptied, cleaned and freshly painted with a reopening on  July 1.  We are currently accepting some smaller items for these areas. Please ask the attendant before leaving anything. No upholstery or rugs. 

Dog Biscuits: Everyone loves man’s best friend! Sadly, we have ceased the doggie treats.

Employees: Every member of the RRDD1 team has worked VERY hard since the Coronavirus pandemic. Our staff are essential employees!