Regional Refuse Disposal District One

Serving the towns of Barkhamsted, New Hartford, and Winsted

Used Motor Oil
On April 22nd, 2015, the personnel  of  the  Department  of  Energy  and  Environmental Protection  made  observations or otherwise obtained information indicating that a violation of the law occurred  on our property.   A Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCBs) inspection was conducted by a representative  of the storage tank firm and PCB Enforcement Unit of the CT DEEP Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance.  It appears  that  the  last  pickup  of our  used oil (920 gallons) by our  contractor was contaminated with PCB’s.  This escaped detection by our testing  and  the  hauler’s test as well – we  both used the Clor-D-Tect 1000 test kit. The contractor, Connecticut Oil Recycling, deposited their load which included several other pickups, into a 15,000 gallon tank at Active Oil in New Haven, CT. When Active collects about 14,000 gallons in their tank they prepare to ship. This requires a lab analysis prior to shipping.  At this time the lab detected PCB’s over the 50 parts per million (ppm) threshold for regulatory action.  They,  through analysis  of truckload samples, determined  that CT Oil Recycling was the source. CT Oil then  tested  samples  from  their  pickup sites and  determined we were the source of contamination.  Our used oil collection site was closed by DEEP immediately.  Since then, remediation has taken place and we have been cleared of the violation! 

RRDD1 is once again accepting used motor oil, however, strict policy and procedures are now in place.   Each resident is required to pick up a "used motor oil" from at the gate house (regular hours) or from the tag sale building  (Wednedsay evenings 4-7).  This form MUST be filled out by the customer, given to the inspector / yard attendant for review.  Once approved, a sample will be collected and you will be allowed to leave your oil.   

Residents are required to complete the form, attesting their knowledge of where the oil came from.  RRDD1 will ONLY accept used motor oil and spent antifreeze.  Items NOT ALLOWED: Gas, diesel,  transmission  oil  and all other liquids.   Limit: Five gallons per day per resident.  NO 55 GALLON DRUMS ACCEPTED! 

We are sorry for the inconvenience to each of our residents, but due to the fact that our last shipment of used motor oil was tainted with PCBs, costing the District in out-of pocket expenses over $108,000, closing down our used motor oil collection for eleven months, rebuilding our entire area, plus the environemental damage, we now find the need for the very strict procedures that are in place.  We cannot afford to have this happen again. 

Debbie Angell


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