Sticker Information

A sticker is required for use of the transfer station with the two exceptions noted below. Sticker fees are set by the Board of Directors annually as part 

of the budget process and are concurrent with our fiscal year of 7/1 – 6/30.  A District resident or property owner may obtain a sticker at the transfer

station during regular operating hours  (except Wednesday nights).  They must show proof of residency.   Motor vehicle registration will be requested.  

If the address on  this form is different, additional information will be required to purchase a sticker.  The gatekeeper will then request driver's license

or a property tax receipt/bill, utility bill or other evidence. Seasonal residents may offer any of the aforementioned documents.

Fiscal Year Annual Sticker: 7/1 - 6/30 

RRDD1 began selling FY 17/18 stickers on May 22, 2017 for  $85 each.  These stickers may be used on the day of purchase until June 30, 2018. 

Additional stickers, issued to the same household (apartment) as the primary pass may be purchased for $5.00 each. 

Six Month Sticker : 7/1 - 12/31    and / or    1/1 - 6/30

RRDD1 is currently selling these stickers at $50 each.  They are good until December 31, 2017.  

Additional stickers, issued to the same household as the primary pass may be purchased for $5.00 each.  

Contractor Stickers

A Transfer Station user who transports trash  from a 3rd party in the District on a frequency greater than once per month


1.      Stickers are not needed for residents bringing in  recyclables on Wednesdays from 4 – 7:00 PM. 

          Construction and Demolition / Oversized MSW area is NOT OPEN Wednesday evenings for recyclable items, or any items for that matter. 

2.      A resident sticker is not needed if a one-day pass is obtained for $15.00. This pass is for documented resident property owners  or out-of-district tradesmen

         with a building permit showing work being done within District.  It allows multiple  entries on the same day of purchase, but the additional /normal

         fees for waste disposal still apply.

Large loads of trash such as from attic or garage cleanouts will be assessed additional fees.  (See Fee Schedule)

Safety First

When on RRDD1 property, signs are posted for your safety and convenience, and MUST be obeyed!   We kindly ask all residents to keep their children in their

vehicles while disposing of their trash as the facility is very busy, with numerous moving vehicles, including trailers and trucks.  


The transfer station is located in Barkhamsted on Route 44 behind the Barkhamsted Public Works Garage (31 New Hartford Road).

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